A fire is burning,
Awaking, longing, yearning,
Splitting in two, one stays, one runs.
One embraces the night, one dies in the sun.

A dream is coming to life again.
Once cold, alone, silently she mends.
Scars like webs, weave with precision new life,
The heart grows cold, becoming sharp as a knife.

The once fragile soul left alone to die,
Now has wings to soar with no fear to fly.
Watching and waiting, perfecting her sight.
To rise once again and set things right.

The fire is burning,
Awaking, longing, yearning.
Brushing away the old like dust on a shelf,
Rising stronger as she finds herself.

Kay L. Rice




Kay L. Rice

December 22, 2017


Walking silently, wind whispers from the past.
Lovely, flowing softly, feathers without haste.
Do you see her among the falling leaves?
Do you see the lies she learned to believe?

Walking silently, be quick, look so a glimpse you can see,
Precious, generous, turning away from all she could be.
Willingly, letting go of dreams and desires, no regret.
For promises that were never meant to be set.

Walking silently, her form emerges in the rain.
When needed she comes to calm and quiet the pain.
When the sun returns and there are no more clouds,
She fades into nothing, even her tears make no sounds.

Walking silently, kneeling down to lift up those that fall,
Appearing in a moment with a single cry and a call.
Quickly forgotten, let go, as if she was never there.
Fading away, no one left to return the care.

Walking silent, wind whispers from the past.
A heart that was born to give a love to last.
Fades into the night like a ghost at the grave.
Too lost and alone to ever be saved.

Please do not use without written permission of author
Kay L. Rice

My Desire

Kay L Rice

April 11, 2017

Eyes closed, heart tied to the sea,
Take me to where the wind speaks to me.
Where the rain paints like watercolors,
Where the sky makes the land seem smaller.

My dreams return me home as I sleep,
To where the dolphines play so deep.
Wash me away under sun and sail,
Grant me peace, freedom, without a care.

Eyes closed tight, ears straining to hear,
The sounds of the waves, no more fear.
The wind and waves call out loud to me,
“Return to your home. Return to the sea”.

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Dark Path

Words from the Ashes


Dark Path
Kay Rice

Do not wonder from this path at night,
Nor ask a stranger, your candle to light.
The forest around us, comes alive, you see,
And will gobble you up, among the trees.

Be sure that your eyes are not playing tricks,
Stay on the path as the brush grows thick.
Things live here, that are born in bad dreams,
And will chill your blood, like ice covered streams.

Do not stop for a quick, curious stare,
Ignore the movement you know you saw there.
Leave alone the rustling, single small branch,
Now hurry on home to your safe, warm ranch.

Do not stray from your path so dear,
Creatures of long ago live and hunt around here.
Stay aware for that tug on the back of your cape,
And resist the urge to take curiosity’s bait.

Run home, before the moon replaces the sun,

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Kay L. Rice

The World Says…
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Yet I hear you say,
You are the diamond that shines without end.

The World Says…
Money and wealth is the what should fill our day.
And you tell me,
The treasure most sought is what is given away.

The World Says…
Push and force your rights and views on others.
And you answer softly,
Treat all around you as they are your sisters and brothers.

The World Screams…
Hoard what you have, take what you can get.
You quietly open my hand,
“Give what I give you, needs will be met.”

The Noise of the World,
Loud, chaotic and angry carries through the land.
Your voice gives me comfort,
Peaceful and Restful I become in your hand.


Arms wide open she walked to the wave,
She had grown tired of being alone and brave.
Her ears grew deaf of the growing crowd,
Her eyes fixed on the waves roaring loud.

She kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her smock,
Moving in poetry as if her cell lost it’s lock.
Arms spread open, embracing the salt air,
She danced as she walked deeper than anyone dare.

As the wave crashed down over her head,
Onlookers screamed fearing she must be dead.
A strange sight as the waves displayed it’s rare treasure,
A creature so beautiful beyond all measure.

Rubbing eyes, holding breath, only able to stare,
At the beauty that returned to a world without a care.
With a wink and a kiss she was gone in a flash,
The sun kissed waves hid the maiden’s last splash.
Please do not use with permission of author: Kay Lynn Rice

The Race


The Race
Kay L. Rice
Please do not use without permission

When will I be able to catch my breath?
Running harder for a destination that leads to death.
My eyes are clouded, blurred by sweat and tears.
Yet slowing down only feeds more deadly fears.

I give eternally till all is gone and spent.
I grow weaker, slower, as I am forced to bend.
Sleep is a stranger, rest is something faded away.
This was not my intent, not the price I planned to pay.

Nothing is good enough for the needs of this world.
I do not want to live at this pace any more.
I’m tired of running to only reach for shadows.
I don’t want to give until I’m a shell only hallow.

Let me rest, let me put myself back together.
Let me feel the sun on my face, let me enjoy the weather.
Take this burden of weight and journey from my shoulder.
Let me lean on you, just for a while, so I can be bolder.

I have pulled this weight alone for far too long.
Not sure the reason, except in my mind its to belong.
My heart is slowing, my dreams are fading, its all up to me.
I joined this race for one dream, to live free.