Siren’s Call

Beauty in the waves, cold as the depths below,
 Tempting with secrets, you want to know.
 She answers the desires from weary fools
 Eager to forget their quest for treasure and jewels.

 A child of the water, a soul so free,
 A vision of legends from the deepest sea.
 Too precious to cage, too desired to let go,
 A passion so great, to hold on to and know.

 Be cautious of the song that casts the spell,
 That calls the eager soul to the darkest well.
 Where love is desired, only sleep can be found,
 In the watery grave, where her lovers are bound.

Kay Lynn Rice

The Hawk

If you listen carefully among the trees
the memories there will let you see
the figure that vanished so long ago
the vision of freedom you willingly let go.

She still roams these woods by day & by night
Still caught in a dream of battles, she fights
The eyes of a hawk, the smile of a dream
Though left behind, not as forgotten as seemed.

No, the lady still lives among the shadow of worlds
Where memories run wild and fly with the birds
The spell that was cast to seal her fate
Was spoken from love and not from hate.

The lady, the hawk, still roam these lands
Her footprints erased like waves clean the sand
But if you speak her name with passion and heart
She will return once again, a memory never to part.

The Hawk by Kay Lynn Rice