Siren’s Call

Beauty in the waves, cold as the depths below,
 Tempting with secrets, you want to know.
 She answers the desires from weary fools
 Eager to forget their quest for treasure and jewels.

 A child of the water, a soul so free,
 A vision of legends from the deepest sea.
 Too precious to cage, too desired to let go,
 A passion so great, to hold on to and know.

 Be cautious of the song that casts the spell,
 That calls the eager soul to the darkest well.
 Where love is desired, only sleep can be found,
 In the watery grave, where her lovers are bound.

Kay Lynn Rice
Finding Freedom, Poetry


A little #writing this afternoon.


I’ve sailed through storms to the end of this world
I’ve fought battles with both heart and sword
My arms have stretched outward to an empty sky
Yet my greatest regret was believing sweet lies.

I’ve flown high with eagles far above
I’ve laid low in the strongest arms of love
I’ve swam deep in oceans luring with siren’s song
Yet the greatest price given was believing I was wrong.

I’ve walked along beaches as calm and smooth as glass
I’ve stood strong, allowing adventure to pass
I’ve followed the wind as a free wild flower
Yet my greatest regret was when I willingly surrendered all my power.


May 10, 2021