Sword to Sword

Sword to Sword
Written by Kay Rice

She gave her all in battles each day.
Adventures and open seas by him they say.
Years and oceans that never end.
Back to back, Sword to sword as friends.

Two opposites bound by the siren’s call.
Flying one flag swearing never to fall.
Days filled with treasures and with gold.
Nights filled with rum and laughter bold.

The love of the sea was their bond.
Their friendship could be seen as fond.
Sword to Sword, Back to back they strike.
Two opposites and yet so very alike.

She gave her all in battles each day.
Until the steel struck and took her away.
Falling in battle as he turned around.
Her blood, the ocean took as she lay down.

Her eyes of blue looked up at him,
“With this, the adventure does not end”.
His wails were heard above the battle high.
Into a frenzy, they say he began to fly.

How dare death take her from him away.
Her words gave him strength that day.
And in a moment, as the fates looked down.
His sword was dropped to the bloody ground.

Legends do tell that if you listen here.
The two joined in battle will appear.
Back to back, sword to sword they fight,
For adventures and treasures every night.


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