A Heart Can Never Say Good-Bye

A Heart Can Never Say Good-Bye
by Kay Rice

Promises made in the heat of the night,
A kiss stolen from lips with no future in sight.
A forbidden dance shared under the moon,
A moment in time that ended too soon.

Bodies entwined in an age-old dance,
Two souls who met by merely a chance,
Eyes that met and found each other’s soul,
Lovers for only a moment yet made whole.

Memories made in the blink of an eye,
A wound never to heal as time goes by.
Tears that are shed over miles and years,
Shared between souls connected by fears.

Two shadows that joined as one in the past,
Hearts pulling a part and loosing touch fast.
A memory connects through nights dreams,
Disappearing with dawns dew and sunbeams.

That kiss was a contract made with the heart,
Their souls now connected will never part .
Though storms and miles and years may try,
Two hearts entwined can never say Good-bye.

Kay Rice

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