Let us see the world through their eyes


by Kay Rice

No one is perfect and normal is just a word.
Every thing is unique and special in this world.
Even the snowflakes that fall to the ground.
Have so many differences and shapes to be found.

We are not made to all be the same mold,
To live and to talk in ways that need to be told.
Kindness and caring are what needs to shine through.
We are not meant to walk in other’s exact same shoes.

Being special and interesting are compliments true.
And you should be proud of being just you.
A flower that shines with a color so bright,
That it catches and outshines even the sun’s light.

Finding your path and gifts are for you to know.
And your likes and your passions are for you to grow.
So when you think you don’t fit into the crowd,
Remember it’s good to be different, so be proud.

Because no one is perfect, though some try to be,
And everyone is different, even you and me.
As long as you know how to love and to laugh,
You will always be able to find your own path.

To my wonderfully perfect-to-me son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Kay Rice
January 07, 2011

3 thoughts on “Perfect”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your son and how very true are the sentiments you mention. Differences are what makes for beauty. ♥

    So happy you shared this with me. Thank you. Big hugs to you and your son!



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