Taking out the Trash

Taking out the Trash
By Kay Rice

Look at me now, I know who I am.
My smile is wisdom and it comes from your hand.
My want to explore beyond my own gate?
Well, that too came from your ignorance and hate.
My taste for life, my insatiable hunger for love?
Yes, that too was from this life so rough.

You will remain in your prison damp and cold.
Blind to beauty as you grow useless and old.
You made a point of throwing my flaws in my face.
Was it your desperation to keep me snug in my place?
You were quick to point out that I’m only a girl.
Well, yes I am and now this is my world.

While I grow and explore what life has to offer.
Your rants and insults to me no longer bother.
I don’t have to forgive you for all that you’ve done,
I accept who I am and you are no one.
Is that cold or hurtful to hear that door shut?
Left in the rain like an unwanted mutt?

I now have wings, look, I’ve learned to fly.
You chose your path, a prison filled with lies.
I am somebody who is worth love and care.
You will always be bitter and say “It’s not fair”!
Fair? Fair you say as you spat in my face.
Is it fair my body has scars all over the place?

I am not bitter, but if you choose to see.
I’m happy without you, I’m happy with me.
Wisdom was a gift this life opened slow.
Now I have a life, so I will just turn and go.
Your threats are nothing but dust in the wind.
I’m letting the pain and the suffering end.

I can look in the mirror and now see a rose.
I am beautiful and gifted from my head to my toes.
I had thought to be free I had to forgive.
But that’s not my job, to be free I just need to live.
And live and laugh and love being me.
It’s nicer here in the sun, it’s good to be free.

Kay Rice
March 17, 2010

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