Short Stories

The First Couple

The First Couple
A campfire story told by Kay Rice

In the early days when nature was in its glorious time and the sky was bright and full of lights both day and night, there was a star. Now there were many stars that covered the great moon’s field and all were children of the sky and they were all special. But this one star that hovered so close to earth’s horizon was very special. It was the first star to be seen each night and the last to go to sleep. It would dance and flicker with joy in the night’s sky and bring music to all the other stars. This star would burn so bright it could outshine the moon on certain nights.

The sun, being a jealous spirit noticed that this star would wake much too early and go to sleep too late causing it to be visible in a time when the sun felt that only he should be seen. His jealousy grew as the star burned brighter and brighter. Finally the sun spoke with some of the smaller stars and told them that this one star was so bright that it even out shined all of the other stars in the night’s sky. This caused the little stars to become angry and they waited until the longest night of the year when all the stars rejoiced because they could play for so long. This night the bright star rose early to play and its brightness was so large that even the moon had to cover his eyes. The two smaller stars that the sun had talked too flew across the night sky, striking the bright star. There was a mournful silence as the star split in two and began to fall to the ground. The moon was so distraught over his jewel being cast down that he called upon the earth’s spirits to catch them and protect them.

On one side of the land the smaller piece landed and earth transformed her into a beautiful woman. She glowed with the beauty of the star that she once was. Far away on the other side of the land the larger piece landed and earth transformed him into a strong and handsome man. His eyes were bright and held the wisdom of all the spirits to help him on his journeys. For decades the woman and the man toiled the land and survived and protected the earth for giving them this life. They protected the animals and used only what they needed not knowing the other was there. Their loneliness grew, especially at night and they would sit and gaze up at the moon and gave thanks for their lives.

The moon took pity on the woman as she cried one night and smiled down on her and kissed her forehead and she fell asleep by the river under the moon’s care. That same night the man was fishing by moonlight, when the salmon would be so close to the edge. The moon whispered down to him, to go to the far side of the river. There he would find the catch much better and the moon would use his full light to guide the man there safely. The man gratefully thanked the moon and followed the path. It was a long journey and the moon knew the man must reach the woman before the sun woke up and saw what the moon was up to.

Just before it was time for the sun to wake, the man gazed down to where the moon had taken him and there was a woman sleeping in the tall grasses by the river. He kneeled over her, he felt her heart beating and he kissed her. She woke up and the stars lights in their eyes joined. When she rose, he held her tight and they joined again causing such a flash of light that it woke the sun up in an angry fit. But they rose together as one becoming the star that they once were before, only this time much brighter. Causing all the stars and the moon to rejoice long after the sun rose up. The sun was ashamed of what he had done and did not say a word as the moon continued to shine through its morning time.

The glorious star now shining brighter than it ever did before, flew to thank the moon and begged to return to the land, but to be together. The moon agreed and placed the man and the woman back on the land together to take care of each other as one, for the rest of their lives. Their love was so strong that they provided a nation of strong children that cared for the land as they did and gave thanks to the moon and the stars each night. When it came time that age passed over them and they took their final journey, the moon could not allow them to become dust. The moon scooped them up and placed them together once again as the brightest star in the sky where they could watch over their children and the land they loved so much together forever.

Copyrighted: Kay Rice

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