By Kay Rice

Through wind and waves his voice cried out,
As death reached upward to drown out his shouts.
The mistress he held to his heart so dear,
Now became his life’s greatest of fears.

He gave his heart to one Lady, the sea,
Leaving all others to become a memory.
Now his love seemed to turn her cold back,
As his vision is blurred and turned to black.

He gave his life to his love with dedication true,
As his body was cast into her hold, the ocean blue.
The life of a pirate and to sail the free on the sea,
Was the only life he truly loved and could ever be.

Where was his mistress now as to the deep-sea he fell,
As the calling is made from the lone ship’s bell.
Rising up from the storm, the wind brings wild waves,
Then she rises up from the mouth of his watery grave.

Lifting his body from the watery wreck where he lay,
Holding him with care in her arms his body she saves.
To return the adoration he had given to his mistress true,
Embraced in a kiss he joins his lady beneath the ocean blue.

Kay Rice
November 08, 2009

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