by Kay Rice

Silence is a sound all its own,
One that cuts clean to the bone.
Ringing loudly but only one can hear,
As it creeps up slowly on one near.
Silence is a sound that replaces song,
A fear that cuts deep and strong.

Loneliness is a devastating blow,
One that is all too well-known.
Warmth removed leaving only cold,
Youth has passed leaving only the old.
Loneliness strikes when one least suspects,
Leaving in its wake one’s life a wreck.

Love lost is one that was never known,
Seeds kept safe but never sown.
Not given the chance to run free,
Never given sight, never able to see.
Love lost is one that will never fly,
A life tormented, unable to ask why.

Tears are shed over things not held,
Fears and nightmares unable to quell.
Cold as September’s frost at dawn,
A life forced to walk a path that’s wrong.
Tears are shed over dreams that fade,
Like coins slip away in debts paid.

Silence is a sound that destroys the strong,
Whether given in right or created in wrong.
Emptiness, loss, echoes in its dark bells,
Paths winding to where nightmares dwell.
Silence, starts with one word not spoken,
and ends only with hearts torn and broken.

Kay Rice
June 23, 2011

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