Are You Willing

Are You Willing?
by Kay Rice

Will you take my hand though it’s wrinkled and scarred?
Showing upon each vain the curse of a life so hard.
Will you touch my heart, though it beats slow and fades?
Where life had fallen short and sorrow gave way.

Will you look into my eyes though they seem blind from sight?
Dazed and clouded so empty and still so full of fright?
Can you see the terror that still swarms in ice-cold tears?
Listen close, screams from the nightmares you will hear.

Can you wrap around me the warmth that has long been gone?
Can you bring light to the dark and right all the wrongs?
Will you dare to kiss these lips though they are deathly cold?
Are you willing to buy back a soul, that was long since sold?

A wilted flower whose roots have since withered from thirst.
Petals have fallen brittle from lack of sun-burst.
Once a rose that grew wild and danced in the rain,
Now withered and broken from years of pain.

If your heart is that of true love with loyal bond to give,
Your lips may kiss mine and my heart will live.
If a moment of doubt arises, as your breath becomes mine,
The last will to live will escape and die.

Take my hand and my heart, but take it as your own,
Carry my love on your lips, and bring me back home.
Awake my soul to the music and we will dance as one,
With your gift all the nightmares will be undone.

Kay Rice
March 08, 2011

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