My Promise

My Promise
by Kay Rice
I don’t want to live in a fairy tale,
Nor on a ship of gold to set sail.
I don’t want to live in make-believe,
Castles crumble and are easy to leave.
For fairy tales are never real,
And hide the truth beneath their seal.
And ships of gold will sink in the storm,
And make-believe is only dreaming torn.
Don’t hide the bad when it does arise,
I’d rather face it with open eyes.
By your side, my hand in yours,
Through the sun and the rain that pours.
Each day is a blessing, either good or bad,
And with you I will face them happy or sad.
For we were brought together by chance,
With you I choose to dance life’s dance.
I promise to give you each day my love true,
And each day here on to travel beside you.
To enjoy the journey on this life’s road,
Each day an adventure long after we’re old.

Kay Rice
November 06, 2009

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