The Crush

The Crush
by Kay Rice

I remember that day when I first saw your face,
Standing in line waiting my turn in the spelling race.
The new kid in town, you seemed so out-of-place,
But your eyes caught mine instantly, leaving its trace.

I was awkward, shy the only girl geek in the class,
Not at all the girlie cheerleading type I could pass.
I was the one that enjoyed playing kickball in the grass,
I was the one that made straight A’s in the hardest class.

I’d never been taken before by a boy quite like this,
I couldn’t pull myself away, your eyes I could not resist.
The blues, the gold’s were like an angel wings mist,
There was something so special in your smile’s twist.

You were always so kind to me each day and I knew,
I had a friend that I could share some stories I drew.
I was just a girl, just a friend that you knew,
But a strange feeling kept pushing inside me and grew.

One day as November did approach the calendar’s wall,
The dance for a girl’s choice was coming to call.
I asked you so quietly in the lunch line that day in fall,
If you would go with me to the Sadie’s Hawkins day ball.

Your shy smiles seemed startled as no words did you say,
Then you looked at me sadly saying you couldn’t go that day.
I don’t remember the reason you gave, just my heart broke away,
You smiled at me and then punched my arm hard yelling ‘Hey’.

I can’t tell you what happened from that day on,
We remained friends for years but then you were gone.
From grade school to high school the days moved on,
I grew from the awkward geek to my own type of swan.

But as time went on, I look through yearbooks past,
I wondered what happened to that shy boy that I asked,
To dance with me once but disappeared from sight so fast.
Did my memory stay with him as a smile from his past?

Kay Rice
October 5, 2009

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