Kay Rice

Do you see the shadows who walk here?
Do you see the pale echo of fear?
The mind screams though we make no sound,
Begging and pleading just to be found.

We walk the veil between night and day,
Walking over and over the path which took us away.
Reliving the acts, the sentence and death,
That brought us here, and where we were left.

We scream without a voice, cry without tears,
Walking among a nightmare of fears.
Witness to our own death, yet unable to die,
Endless pain within, yet unable to cry.

Watching those around us trapped and alone,
Unable to reach them, or find our own way home.
So many fears which keep us locked inside,
The worst part, there is no place left to hide.

Stripped down, branded and left for dead,
Prayers and pleading left swimming in our head.
How can you scream, when there is no voice?
How can you live, if there is no choice?

Lost and bewildered, memories fade and burst,
Yet we know to remember would be a fate much worse.
Close your eyes and cover your ears,
That way you won’t hear our warnings and tears.

Look closely into the shadows between night and day,
Learn from our fall, so you don’t join our way.
Listen to the warnings, we whisper to your heart,
Turn around and run, make a new start.



Kay Rice

I’ve grown accustomed to the dark.
No, I won’t search for light, its precious spark.
My soul is content to fade into the shadows,
If I am nothing, the threat remains unknown.

If my eyes open, even slightly to see,
The monsters waiting will surely devour me.
No, it’s best to stay quiet, hidden, I must wait,
The move I make could put my life at stake.

Keep my eyes and ears shut to my fears,
The monsters are waiting to feed on my tears.
Shivering from cold and without touch,
The warmth of the sun, I long for so very much.

I am the shadows, I am nearly gone.
When did I fall down this path so wrong?
When did trust become the key to my cage?
When did fear replace my fire and rage?

Open my eyes to the pitch black hate,
Give the terror a face, the one who wrote my fate.
It’s time for battle, time to find my wings,
It’s time to accept what my true future brings.

I am worth saving, I am not the frail, broken one,
I deserve to walk in this world and feel the sun.
I am no longer afraid of the dragon who waits for me.
I am alive, and I will stand and fight to be free.


I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care
Kay Rice

She slammed the door for her last word,
Just as she had done so many times before.
He stood there angry at her childish response,
Knowing she would return, sorry for time they lost.

He waited and waited as the night grew on,
It wasn’t like her to stay angry this long.
He began to regret the last words that he said,
The words “I don’t care”, rang loud in his head.

She cried as she sped down that wet, stormy road,
Trying to make sense of the fight, a heavy load.
She never saw the stop light, she was unable to pause,
As the words he last told her, was where her mind was.

Midnight bells go off, still no sign of her return,
At first angry, now a fear grew and it burned.
Pacing back and forth no answer on her phone,
Could she have really left, was she really gone?

Lonely and cold as the car lay in the ditch,
The night even colder and darker than pitch.
She closed her eyes calling his name out loud,
It was too late to save her, when she was found.

Regret keeps building, why didn’t he have her stay?
Why didn’t he swallow his pride, find the right words to say?
Why did he let her leave, with his own back turned?
Why did he let “I don’t care” be the last word?

Three in the morning, he remains wide awake,
Returning to their room, what of hers did she take?
A breath as the telephone rings, he stands there,
Afraid to answer, afraid she will say she “doesn’t care”.

The voice on the other end, to his feared surprise,
It is not his love’s voice, the tears grow in his eyes,
When he’s told she won’t be coming home there,
The regret builds, he remembers his words, “I don’t care”.

He stares at the door she slammed, just hours before,
Regretting each word and every fight and much more.
How could he have known, as tears reached his eyes,
That “I don’t care” would be his last words for good-bye.


Paper With Pen

Paper with Pen
Kay Rice

The fire burns while the pen is in my hand,
Ashes fall in time like grains of sand.
It takes only a blink and I go back in time,
Sorting out feelings through prose and rhyme.

The muse who persists, whispers in my ear,
She knows when that ripple in time is near.
She grabs on tight as she lets me know,
Until I give in, and it’s off we go.

Memories or moments that haunt my dreams,
Whether my own, or from another I’ve seen.
Chaotic like an artist’s brush to canvas,
Painting a picture on paper to last.

Words become the path to heal and explain,
Verses to rejoice in life or cure the pain.
A voice which once was silenced and drowned,
From a whisper now grown, to a trumpet’s sound.

If one word I write on paper with pen,
Brings up feelings deep in you, from within,
To know you are not lost and alone,
Then these words have at last, found a home.

Words of love and rage, joy and fear,
My little muse keeps them all nestled here.
On paper with pen she recites them out loud,
Until they reach the one who needs found.


Random Thought for April 20, 2012

Wings & Flight

Today I walked outside and I felt what has become a very familiar and welcomed feeling. I felt my wings spread open, ready for flight.

The spring sun on my face and my flight instructor (my wonderful husband) walking beside me.   A kiss good-bye from him, the radio turned up, appropriately playing ‘Fly with Me’ and I took off for my day, with a smile.

It wasn’t that long ago that being able to fly was foreign to me. I did not realize I had wings, let alone understand that they were only broken.  Over the last few years they have most definitely grown and healed.  What was broken grows back stronger.  So today I fly.  No longer the blackbird with a broken wing, no longer the songbird afraid to sing. Today I enjoy my life;  Wings open wide.

What makes you fly?

Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color
Kay Rice

There was a time when I could only dream in black & white,
No life-giving pictures to make my world living & bright.
A haze of a reflection, a fog that drifted cold and gray,
That was until you took my hand, and showed me the way.

Now, I dream in colors, all of the vibrant and bold,
The warmth radiates, there is no more room for the cold.
No more rain, only petals fall down from the sky on me,
There are no more clouds, only blue, clear skies to see.

Dreaming in color gives wings to my hopes,
I fly free, my feet, no longer tethered by ropes.
The only thing that keeps me from soaring the sky,
Is the need to sleep, my wings to rest from flight.

Dreaming in color, I can feel and hold what I see,
I like this reflection in the mirror, now of me.
Standing straight, my eyes shine like the stars so true.
No more looking back, there is too much ahead to move to.

Dreaming in color, I watch as my dreams come to life,
I am so much more than just a girl, a daughter, mom and wife.
I hold the box and I hold the greatest treasure key,
My dreams are no longer locked and bound inside of me.


The Boy With No Name

The Boy With No Name
Kay Rice

Two children passing slowly looking up by chance,
The boy with no name whose eyes caught your glance.
Grew up to be the man to watch you, to shield you,
The hand that would hold and cherish your heart true.

Strength and desire unknown, to awaken and to arise,
Giving a gift of freedom while tempering your cries.
So many dreams were broken, yet new ones await to arrive,
As fate tossed the coin to see how you would survive.

A curse of love unknown in years before in innocence,
All the dreams you had left in dark and chained silence.
A memory of a meeting of years ago rises in his eyes,
Knowing all this time the life you’ve led, were lies.

The choice was made before either stood in this place,
The curse of his memories tormented years show on his face.
Nightmares of a path untaken, waken him with pounding heart.
So many years have passed now, standing, facing a new start.

So many years have passed before you in trial and in tears,
Your soul tortured by pain now failing from all the years.
Falling down as he walked from the shadows to catch you,
Will all the pain be soothed as your heart beats new?

This boy with no name who caught your eye long ago,
Grown now to take his place to protect and to show,
Destined love legendary through timeless tales and song,
Now facing each other knowing your meeting was not wrong.

A coin was tossed and the earth stood still and changed,
Silence was broken and fears were turned to heated rage.
A coin was tossed and freedom was now within your reach,
As you were lifted up from your cell, darkness was breached.

The boy with no name whose eyes caught your glance,
As you passed him in childhood’s days by chance.
Grew up to be the man to watch you, to shield you,
The hand that would hold and cherish your heart true.