Kay Rice

You look through me with eyes of blue,
Searching for answers to questions that bother you.
Why are you afraid to just come out and ask?
Have I ever given you a reason to retract?
What mystery are you trying to solve,
Or are you trying to find a place to lay fault?

You wear your emotions in plain sight,
Yet you tell me everything is just right.
What is the enigma you think that is there?
Why do you believe you need to beware?
Instead of making up things to worry about,
Just open up and let the questions out.

I won’t lie and I won’t hide from your fears,
And I certainly won’t give you reason for tears.
My love for you grows every day so strong,
There is no reason to fear things are going wrong.
Take a breath and look deep into my eyes,
Baby, I love you, I will never tell you lies.

There is nothing, that would take me from you,
My heart belongs to you, and it will always be true.
I am yours, body and soul, yours alone,
My thoughts and heart will never roam.
Even when we are not in each other’s sight,
I am still standing there close by your side.

So, don’t look through me like I am made of glass,
Look inside me and you’ll find a love that is steadfast.
I will hold you, as you hold me each day,
I need you, as you need me, to find our way.
We were cut from the same cloth, you once said,
Look closely there are still no gaps between the threads.


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