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Will You Dance With Me Tonight?

Will You Dance With Me Tonight?
Kay Rice

Will you dance with me tonight?
There is a full moon just coming into sight.
The spring frogs are chiming in to create the song,
Will you take my hand and follow along?

Can you feel the love showing in my eyes?
The stars reflect the glow of love as the stars rise.
Kick off your shoes and feel the warm spring grass,
Hold me close, don’t let this moment pass.

Will you dance with me under the moon?
The creek and the crickets will keep the tune.
We have the music from nature’s own band,
Will you dance with me, will you take my hand?

Can you feel my heart beat with yours,
As my eyes search to give you more?
Pull me closer and you will see,
My love for you will never leave.

Will you dance with me tonight?
Out in the open, under the bright moon light?
With your arms around me so strong,
Listen, the night is still singing our song.




I have always said that my poetry and short stories write themselves, I'm just the hand that holds the pen. Several of my poems have been published in local publications and in the 2011 World Poetry Movement book 'Stars in our Hearts'. Please enjoy the words, but do not steal them. I enjoy living and what life brings my way. My day job, I'm a geekgirl, a programmer. Coding is like using clues to solve a mystery to me. But, my happiness outside of the day job involves, cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, writing, hiking, primitive skills. Yup, I come home and unplug. So there are many sides of me here. Enjoy.

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