Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color
Kay Rice

There was a time when I could only dream in black & white,
No life-giving pictures to make my world living & bright.
A haze of a reflection, a fog that drifted cold and gray,
That was until you took my hand, and showed me the way.

Now, I dream in colors, all of the vibrant and bold,
The warmth radiates, there is no more room for the cold.
No more rain, only petals fall down from the sky on me,
There are no more clouds, only blue, clear skies to see.

Dreaming in color gives wings to my hopes,
I fly free, my feet, no longer tethered by ropes.
The only thing that keeps me from soaring the sky,
Is the need to sleep, my wings to rest from flight.

Dreaming in color, I can feel and hold what I see,
I like this reflection in the mirror, now of me.
Standing straight, my eyes shine like the stars so true.
No more looking back, there is too much ahead to move to.

Dreaming in color, I watch as my dreams come to life,
I am so much more than just a girl, a daughter, mom and wife.
I hold the box and I hold the greatest treasure key,
My dreams are no longer locked and bound inside of me.


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