I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care
Kay Rice

She slammed the door for her last word,
Just as she had done so many times before.
He stood there angry at her childish response,
Knowing she would return, sorry for time they lost.

He waited and waited as the night grew on,
It wasn’t like her to stay angry this long.
He began to regret the last words that he said,
The words “I don’t care”, rang loud in his head.

She cried as she sped down that wet, stormy road,
Trying to make sense of the fight, a heavy load.
She never saw the stop light, she was unable to pause,
As the words he last told her, was where her mind was.

Midnight bells go off, still no sign of her return,
At first angry, now a fear grew and it burned.
Pacing back and forth no answer on her phone,
Could she have really left, was she really gone?

Lonely and cold as the car lay in the ditch,
The night even colder and darker than pitch.
She closed her eyes calling his name out loud,
It was too late to save her, when she was found.

Regret keeps building, why didn’t he have her stay?
Why didn’t he swallow his pride, find the right words to say?
Why did he let her leave, with his own back turned?
Why did he let “I don’t care” be the last word?

Three in the morning, he remains wide awake,
Returning to their room, what of hers did she take?
A breath as the telephone rings, he stands there,
Afraid to answer, afraid she will say she “doesn’t care”.

The voice on the other end, to his feared surprise,
It is not his love’s voice, the tears grow in his eyes,
When he’s told she won’t be coming home there,
The regret builds, he remembers his words, “I don’t care”.

He stares at the door she slammed, just hours before,
Regretting each word and every fight and much more.
How could he have known, as tears reached his eyes,
That “I don’t care” would be his last words for good-bye.


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