Kay Rice

I’ve grown accustomed to the dark.
No, I won’t search for light, its precious spark.
My soul is content to fade into the shadows,
If I am nothing, the threat remains unknown.

If my eyes open, even slightly to see,
The monsters waiting will surely devour me.
No, it’s best to stay quiet, hidden, I must wait,
The move I make could put my life at stake.

Keep my eyes and ears shut to my fears,
The monsters are waiting to feed on my tears.
Shivering from cold and without touch,
The warmth of the sun, I long for so very much.

I am the shadows, I am nearly gone.
When did I fall down this path so wrong?
When did trust become the key to my cage?
When did fear replace my fire and rage?

Open my eyes to the pitch black hate,
Give the terror a face, the one who wrote my fate.
It’s time for battle, time to find my wings,
It’s time to accept what my true future brings.

I am worth saving, I am not the frail, broken one,
I deserve to walk in this world and feel the sun.
I am no longer afraid of the dragon who waits for me.
I am alive, and I will stand and fight to be free.


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