Kay Rice

Do you see the shadows who walk here?
Do you see the pale echo of fear?
The mind screams though we make no sound,
Begging and pleading just to be found.

We walk the veil between night and day,
Walking over and over the path which took us away.
Reliving the acts, the sentence and death,
That brought us here, and where we were left.

We scream without a voice, cry without tears,
Walking among a nightmare of fears.
Witness to our own death, yet unable to die,
Endless pain within, yet unable to cry.

Watching those around us trapped and alone,
Unable to reach them, or find our own way home.
So many fears which keep us locked inside,
The worst part, there is no place left to hide.

Stripped down, branded and left for dead,
Prayers and pleading left swimming in our head.
How can you scream, when there is no voice?
How can you live, if there is no choice?

Lost and bewildered, memories fade and burst,
Yet we know to remember would be a fate much worse.
Close your eyes and cover your ears,
That way you won’t hear our warnings and tears.

Look closely into the shadows between night and day,
Learn from our fall, so you don’t join our way.
Listen to the warnings, we whisper to your heart,
Turn around and run, make a new start.


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