Perfectly Proper And Ever So Grand

Perfectly Proper and Ever So Grand
Kay Rice

The blinds are shut and the curtains are drawn,
It’s to keep out the heat of the midsummer sun.
The sink is spotless and the dishes are too,
Everything sparkles as if they are brand new.

Not a spot on the floor or dust to be found,
Everything is quiet, nothing makes a sound.
Books are all tidy and neat in their place,
Everything proper and in their own space.

No feet are propped up on the couch or chair,
There is no music, or sounds in the air.
Quiet and peaceful to greet each day’s rest,
After all, perfection and order are always the best.

Clothes perfectly creased and hung up just right,
Shoes are properly placed and shined so bright.
Know how to sit, to speak and to stand,
Perfectly proper and ever so grand.

So much to remember and so much to do,
Time is spent because minutes are so few.
To top off the package, a smile is painted so bright,
Everything is now in it’s place, so it must be all right.


Please Be Patient

Please Be Patient
Kay Rice

You look at me and wonder why,
I try to hold back the tears in my eyes.
I’m not trying to build up a wall,
At the same time, I’m trying not to fall.

I’m trying to survive in a world that’s new,
Thankful to be guided and loved by you.
But as I learn and step out of the cold,
There are moments that thrust me back to the old.

A lifetime of scars and wounds not yet healed,
Where tears and my nightmares have been concealed.
So many things I’ve locked up tightly inside,
With so many feelings that I’ve learned how to hide.

Please don’t think that I no longer love you,
Because that is just so far from being true.
My fears are so great and I am so small,
I try so very hard to bridle them all.

Please don’t think that I’m shutting a door,
I’m reminded of open wounds that are still sore.
And sometimes I just do what I only know,
To crawl away, so my tears won’t show.

And please don’t be angry if I flinch or stall,
It’s an unseen memory of when I did fall.
As I do my best to stand to show you my love,
But deep inside there are fears I’m thinking of.

So please be patient as I learn to grow,
As a spring flower peaks slowly out of the snow.
Keep me in care, as my secrets slowly appear,
As I learn with your help to live without fear.


The Pirate Queen

The Pirate Queen
Kay Rice

Torn and tattered, battle ridden,
Scars raised on sun-kissed skin.
Eyes reflecting the years at sea,
Standing taller than what she should be.

The grim secrets, she hides and holds tight,
Hangs around her neck like a noose tonight.
Freedom to some, a curse to the heart,
To choose one, the other must part.

Though brave and wise, she has become,
Cold and vicious, she appears to some.
She holds a dream unknown to all,
But now she fights until she should fall.

The only vow she makes, is to obey the sea,
No forgiveness to be given, no final plea.
Eyes focused on gold and adventures to find,
She will sail in legends until the end of time.

Sword and pistol always within her reach,
Taking heed to the lessons the battles teach.
The wind at her back, sun on her face,
The sea keeps her secrets, leaving no trace.

No apologies given to the life left behind,
There is no room for those memories in her mind.
No regrets for escaping the land and a home,
She is free to live and happy to roam.

Love is a weakness, she tells herself each day,
Yet love is the reason she chose to live this way.
Her weakness, she hides yet she holds so tight,
To the memory which hangs like a noose tonight.

The waves reflect an old picture of her,
Once a young girl innocent and pure.
She fell in love with a rogue of the sea,
Stories he told her of a life that was free.

Like a coin that was tossed into the air,
Her life transformed, brazen from fare.
She chases a ghost, a vision in black,
Knowing she would never go back.

No longer a slave to what was the land,
Now the queen and her command is grand.
Her dreams are before her each night and day,
The stars each night are there to guide her way.

Strong and wise she leads her ship on,
Her legend lives on in many a bard’s song.
She lives the life that dreams are made of,
Where the sea and her ship are her only love.


Beautiful Blogger Award Received Today

Today I received the message that one of my fellow writers has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. This was extremely exciting to me, as I am new to the blogging world.

It is such an unbelievable honor to be mentioned on one list with all these wonderful talented writers – it excites me more than I’m able to express!! Thank you raaniyork for nominating me!! You can visit her blog at:

Part of the Beautiful Bloggers award demands seven other Bloggers to be listed. – It wasn’t an easy choice. And please, whoever I haven’t mentioned, don’t look at this as less appreciation for your work, because it isn’t!!

However, here’s my choice:

If you seven nominees choose to accept this award, copy and paste the award icon to your blog, provide a link to the one who nominated you, then nominate seven blogs that you would like to recognize, and let them know that you have nominated them.

1. Rebel Coyote: Enjoyable & Fun reading with a whimsical sense of artistry.

2. Magic in the Backyard: I absolutely love her free-write-Fridays

3. I broke my glasses again: Truly funny posts about anything and everything!

4. I like any blog that says “Step away from the TV…” or computer!

5. Cliffette’s Journal: I like her poetry, it touches the soul.

6. It’s a wonderful life: I like this journal because of the view of life with an autistic child from a parent’s perspective.

7. LotusLozer: I like his look onto the world (and I adored the baby penguin).

I would like to thank you all! The ones I follow for providing me with all these blog posts, the one with the advices, the ones that make my emotions run high – the ones that make me laugh – and all the others who are more than entertaining.

If you are mentioned here, please copy and paste the beautiful blogger graphic and list 7 of your favorite blogs/bloggers and share your appreciation with them.


Kay Rice

Tied Hands

Tied Hands
Kay Rice

I stand here helpless watching as you die,
Now you ask me to bury you alive.
You say to be a friend, I need to walk away,
Just close my eyes to what you say.

False witness to what I know is true,
You now ask me to dig the grave to bury you.
My hands are tied, to what you choose,
But to help you vanish, I will refuse.

I handed you a lantern, to give you light,
Instead, you threw it far out of your sight.
Don’t come to me under the name of a friend,
Don’t ask me to be the one to help in your end.

I stand here helpless, watching you die,
Now you ask me to bury you alive.
I will not be the nail in your final box,
I refuse to help with the shackles and locks.

I would rather leave you with a rusty old key,
Walk away and pray that someday you see.
But I will not condemn you to that lonely hell,
I will not place you in what was once my cold cell.

I can not stand here and watch you fade away,
But in my heart and memory you will always stay.
I know the pain and confusion you refuse to see,
Life is worth fighting for, when the prize is to be free.



Kay Rice

I can no longer hold back the feeling, why try,
It’s time to fight, time to crow and time to fly.
I know it is time to release the rage,
I can feel the walls closing in on my cage.

The sky calls to me to come and to play,
‘Second start to the right’, it’s not far away.
I can hear the mermaids solemnly sing,
I can hear the pirate ships as their bells ring.

Breath deep, the smell of the forest floor,
My body is aching, I need to take flight, to soar.
I believe, I believe in the precious fairy folk,
Look! Can you see the campfire smoke?

Take me away from being old and gray,
I need to go home, I need to fly away.
Do you remember when a thimble was a kiss?
I miss those days of my innocent bliss.

Don’t wait up for me on this spring night,
I’ll be too busy with pirates, in a sword fight.
Don’t bother turning on the light on my nightstand,
I’ll be back where I came from, back in Neverland.