Kay Rice

Today I found a treasure, long since lost,
Locked away in my heart, a forgotten box.
A memory sparked and raised to a flame,
The spark was ignited by years of blame.

I know I now face the fight of my life,
Today my old life is ready to die.
My faith restored, my mind now sharp,
It’s time to make all the blame stop.

That treasure I found was in childhood dreams,
My heroes, were who I always wanted to be.
I am my own hero, I am ready to fight,
I see all the wrongs, I now must make right.

I ride my own wild stallion of white,
My sword is wisdom and is kept in plain sight.
My armor and shield are woven in faith,
I am no longer crippled by the world of hate.

It’s up to me to storm the castle walls,
My voice and my heart will make the call.
I am my own hero and it’s time to ride,
There are no more fears to make me hide.

I am my own hero, and its time to say, ‘No’,
The challenge is here and now I must grow.
I am my own hero, my sword is drawn,
Today begins a new and glorious dawn.


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