My Name

My Name
Kay Rice

The name once given which nearly destroyed me,
I shuddered and cried until I could not see.
That horrid name, used to crush all my hopes,
Was the very last string in my unraveling rope.

It was used against me as an iron hand,
Echoed in my ears, whenever I dared to stand.
That name I feared to be associated with,
That name that so easily slipped from his lips.

One name I would fear and would upset my world,
Well, now I embrace it and now I hear my voice roar.
I remember once, I was told long ago,
The true meaning of that name, so this I know.

A woman who knows what she wants,
A woman with a reason to flaunt,
A woman who doesn’t show fear and fights,
A woman who knows in her heart that she is right.

Oh, that name once branded on me to resent,
Let me assure you, now I am quite content.
I will not say that cruel name out loud,
But if that is how I’m seen, then know that I’m proud.


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