Kay Rice

I can no longer hold back the feeling, why try,
It’s time to fight, time to crow and time to fly.
I know it is time to release the rage,
I can feel the walls closing in on my cage.

The sky calls to me to come and to play,
‘Second start to the right’, it’s not far away.
I can hear the mermaids solemnly sing,
I can hear the pirate ships as their bells ring.

Breath deep, the smell of the forest floor,
My body is aching, I need to take flight, to soar.
I believe, I believe in the precious fairy folk,
Look! Can you see the campfire smoke?

Take me away from being old and gray,
I need to go home, I need to fly away.
Do you remember when a thimble was a kiss?
I miss those days of my innocent bliss.

Don’t wait up for me on this spring night,
I’ll be too busy with pirates, in a sword fight.
Don’t bother turning on the light on my nightstand,
I’ll be back where I came from, back in Neverland.


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