You Don’t Know Me

You Don’t Know Me
Kay Rice

Those who think they know me would call me a geek.
A girl whose life is focused on numbers to seek.
The chick with the brains and no heart to speak of,
The girl who had no use for finding true love.

If that is what you see when you look in my eyes,
Well, then you will be in for quite the surprise.
I dream like you do and I feel more than you know,
My heart is living and it continues to grow.

My adventures were in books, as I read all alone,
I studied and learned while the others would roam.
It is true that I seek mysteries to solve each day,
But I also enjoy to break out and just play.

The popular ones would call me names at school,
They believed that I was nothing but a fool.
My quiet demeanor would not permit me to fight,
But I knew all along that I was the one who was right.

I may have been called a teacher’s pet and worse,
As I crammed my days with lessons and books.
But they couldn’t see the dreams that were born,
From the lessons and stories I was intent to learn.

Yes, I may have a cover that is boring and plain,
But let me assure you, my dreams are not lame.
There is a place for girls, no, Women like me,
Who are not content to just be what we seem.


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