Tied Hands

Tied Hands
Kay Rice

I stand here helpless watching as you die,
Now you ask me to bury you alive.
You say to be a friend, I need to walk away,
Just close my eyes to what you say.

False witness to what I know is true,
You now ask me to dig the grave to bury you.
My hands are tied, to what you choose,
But to help you vanish, I will refuse.

I handed you a lantern, to give you light,
Instead, you threw it far out of your sight.
Don’t come to me under the name of a friend,
Don’t ask me to be the one to help in your end.

I stand here helpless, watching you die,
Now you ask me to bury you alive.
I will not be the nail in your final box,
I refuse to help with the shackles and locks.

I would rather leave you with a rusty old key,
Walk away and pray that someday you see.
But I will not condemn you to that lonely hell,
I will not place you in what was once my cold cell.

I can not stand here and watch you fade away,
But in my heart and memory you will always stay.
I know the pain and confusion you refuse to see,
Life is worth fighting for, when the prize is to be free.


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