Perfectly Proper And Ever So Grand

Perfectly Proper and Ever So Grand
Kay Rice

The blinds are shut and the curtains are drawn,
It’s to keep out the heat of the midsummer sun.
The sink is spotless and the dishes are too,
Everything sparkles as if they are brand new.

Not a spot on the floor or dust to be found,
Everything is quiet, nothing makes a sound.
Books are all tidy and neat in their place,
Everything proper and in their own space.

No feet are propped up on the couch or chair,
There is no music, or sounds in the air.
Quiet and peaceful to greet each day’s rest,
After all, perfection and order are always the best.

Clothes perfectly creased and hung up just right,
Shoes are properly placed and shined so bright.
Know how to sit, to speak and to stand,
Perfectly proper and ever so grand.

So much to remember and so much to do,
Time is spent because minutes are so few.
To top off the package, a smile is painted so bright,
Everything is now in it’s place, so it must be all right.


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