Please Be Patient

Please Be Patient
Kay Rice

You look at me and wonder why,
I try to hold back the tears in my eyes.
I’m not trying to build up a wall,
At the same time, I’m trying not to fall.

I’m trying to survive in a world that’s new,
Thankful to be guided and loved by you.
But as I learn and step out of the cold,
There are moments that thrust me back to the old.

A lifetime of scars and wounds not yet healed,
Where tears and my nightmares have been concealed.
So many things I’ve locked up tightly inside,
With so many feelings that I’ve learned how to hide.

Please don’t think that I no longer love you,
Because that is just so far from being true.
My fears are so great and I am so small,
I try so very hard to bridle them all.

Please don’t think that I’m shutting a door,
I’m reminded of open wounds that are still sore.
And sometimes I just do what I only know,
To crawl away, so my tears won’t show.

And please don’t be angry if I flinch or stall,
It’s an unseen memory of when I did fall.
As I do my best to stand to show you my love,
But deep inside there are fears I’m thinking of.

So please be patient as I learn to grow,
As a spring flower peaks slowly out of the snow.
Keep me in care, as my secrets slowly appear,
As I learn with your help to live without fear.