Kay Rice

I wake shaken, sweat pouring from my brow,
Where am I, what time is it now?
My wrists ache from the ghost’s strong hold,
My lungs gasp, as if just released from the cold.

They return without warning, to drag me back there,
Kicking and screaming, I feel my soul stripped bare.
I smell the stench and the smoke of the old musty walls,
I feel the pain in my legs, as they weaken and fall.

The sounds are real and my ears pound in fear,
Every inch of my skin knows what horror is near.
It’s only a dream, I keep telling myself,
But my cries are not heard, I know there’s no help.

Frantic, my heart beats, I know what to expect.
My mind clouds quickly, how did I fall back?
The fear and the memories are real, here in the night,
They wait for me, stalking, until the end of days light.

The shadows that die when you stand by my side,
Wait to jump out from the darkness where they hide.
Reach for me, I beg, and pull me out of this sleep,
Kiss me and remove me from these nightmares so deep.

I awake to you, shaken and broken again,
A new day to start over, new steps to begin.
But the memories are as real as the scars on my skin,
So I wait for the time, when the nightmares will end.


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