Who Am I?

Who Am I?
Kay Rice

Look at me and tell me what you see.
Is it really me or what you want me to be?
Would you be happier if my eyes were green?
Or maybe I should be taller and easier to be seen.

Maybe, I should be quiet and perfectly sweet,
Smile and be shy to all that I meet.
Or would you prefer me to be bold and loud,
Completely sure of myself and ever so proud.

Perhaps to be seen in ribbons and bows,
Content to be happy with what I already know.
Instead of curious to what is hidden out there,
Perhaps I should pretend that I just don’t care.

Should I give the answers you think I should give?
Or should I decide that this is my own life to live?
Play nice or push back, which way do I go?
You would think at my age, I would already know.

I am caught in the middle of knowing what is right.
Do I give in and just be? Or do I stand up and fight?
Finding out who I am and what I really am inside,
Not being ashamed or hanging my head to hide.

I hope when you look at me that what you see,
Is a flower who is growing from a long dormant seed.
Give me the strength and the love to survive,
Yet give me the room to grow and reach for the sky.


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