Behind Your Eyes Is Greed

Behind Your Eyes is Greed
Kay Rice

Everyone else is to blame,
While you strategically drop a name.
The world is at fault for your demise,
How quickly you move to change your lies.

Putting everyone down for your mistakes,
What else is there left to take?
Not knowing what you really need,
What lays behind your eyes is only greed.

Friends are there for what they give,
Trust is lost, like water through a sieve.
Switching sides so fast you forget your lies,
Why should anyone reach out and try.

Lies and hate are what you breed,
Behind your eyes lays only greed.
What can be taken today, is that the goal?
What lays in your heart is an empty hole.

Every one else is to blame for your fall,
You take until there is nothing left at all.
Riding on the accomplishments of others,
Using lies as your life’s complete cover.

Taking what was never yours to take,
Always blaming the world for your mistake.
Wasting away from what you think you need,
Behind your eyes lays years of greed.


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