Tick, Tock

Tick Tock
Kay Rice

Tick, tock, can you hear this moment pass us by?
Watch as the second-hand makes the moment fly,
Don’t you know we can’t get this time back?
There is no time to waste by getting off track.

Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is already gone.
It’s too late when you realize you never sang life’s song.
Putting off the moments that could make us smile,
Instead choosing the things that put us through trials.

Tick, tock, can you hear the day passing by?
Opportunities to live just pass us with only a sigh.
We can’t walk this way again, as we wait, trails fade,
Dreams passed up for a future that may not be made.

This second that we waste with hurt and with tears,
Will only build to hours wasted on senseless fears.
The sun is shining now, it may not be in the next day,
Shouldn’t we throw off the pain and go out and play.

Tick, tock, can you hear the passing of our dreams?
Life is only a moment and never what it really seems.
We can’t take things back that are said and done,
But we can kick off our shoes and go play in the sun.

And look at all the memories we sit here missing,
Wasting away on moments reminiscing.
Instead of lost in memories of days long past,
Shouldn’t we make the ones we want to last?


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