Kay Rice

Lost, darkness surrounds my form,
Immobility, caged wings since I was born.
Waiting for the day when the light creeps in,
Only a small sliver is needed for life to begin.

Silenced, crouched, waiting to take flight,
Saving the rage for the day I stand to fight.
Hungry for the light, starved for the sky,
The crushing darkness does its best to deny.

Waiting, motionless, but not as dead as was thought,
My soul may have been enslaved, but was never bought.
Starve the wolf, she will become vicious to find prey,
Cage the hawk, she will flap harder to break away.

Faster, now faster the seconds pass by,
A crack has opened, it’s now time to fly.
Bones that were broken, become wings strong,
A life cast away, stands to right all the wrong.

Don’t you know in the end there is always a new start?
That wisdom comes from a life of hard lessons taught?
From ashes a spark will give birth to a bird of gold and fire,
Where darkness can not touch her and wings will never tire.


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