Kay Rice

She sat there, staring, at the face in the mirror.
Not quite certain if she saw power or fear.
The spark in her eyes, flared like a fire,
The time engrained on her face was far from tired.

Clutching the vanity shelf, as if trying to hold on,
Convincing herself the transformation was not wrong.
Youth replaced years, once worn on her face,
Yet the tormented memories were still in place.

This world of hers, had failed her many times before,
Until she accepted the gift which promised much more.
Darkness for light, life over her own impending death,
She turned away from anything that was left.

In life she was a shadow, a prisoner of lies,
Now revenge grew like a fire deep in her eyes.
The change she felt from the well of her soul,
The change which took over, was making her whole.

She sat there staring at what she’d become,
Some would call her a monster, yet a hero to some.
Neatly painted nails, now sharp as razors and knives,
Her heart pounded as the new form began to rise.

The face in the mirror was still hers by name,
Yet she knew inside, she would never be the same.
She knew the only fear she now had to hide,
Was the temptation to become, the wolf inside.


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