Time to Rest #FWF

Time to Rest
Kay Rice

The problem with flying is that you need to land,
Soaring among the clouds is intoxicating and grand.
It becomes such a desire to soar above the clouds,
It tends to make one exceptionally proud.

Just as the eagle soars above, moving so fast,
She is bound to hit those dreaded downdrafts.
Plummeting down to the mercy of the wind,
Until she can find her balance again.

The time will come when the wings need rest.
To take shelter in the warmth of her nest.
Flight is grand, oh so grand, but comes with a price,
Keep your dreams and your heart from being sacrificed.

While finding joy to fly so high and so near the sun,
Pay close attention, as some feathers come undone.
Slow down, glide peacefully to the home, the nest,
Take comfort in the warmth as you sleep and rest.

Then when the sun rises, and sleep shakes away,
Stand up and stretch your wings to a new day.
Keep humble the pride to soar high above,
And keep close to you, those whom you love.