A Child’s Plea


A Child’s Plea
Kay Rice

(Awarded to appear in the 2012 International Who’s Who in Poetry Publication)

Would you hold my hands as I learn to fly?
Will you answer all my questions as I ask why?
Will you let me speak my mind until you understand?
Will you be patient as I learn to stand?

Can you feel for me when I don’t know what to feel?
Can you find the right bandage when I need to heal?
Can you encourage my voice, even when it cracks?
Can you give me strength, when my own lacks?

Would you comfort me when I wake up screaming in the night?
Would you reach inside of me and make the wrongs right?
Would you see my quirks as my way of being me?
Would you embrace what makes me happy to just be?

Can you teach me to fly high in the sky above?
Can you let me know I’m safe in your love?
Can you teach me to be strong and be sure of my wings?
Can you then, let go, to enjoy what this new life brings?


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