Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall
Kay Rice

Flying is an art born from the soul,
Where freedom is a key which makes us whole.
We jump from our nest, eager to answer the call,
Yet, we never quite learned how to fall.

A kitten ready to reach out to the world,
Climbs high in the tree with claws unfurled.
Yet, reaching the top at a staggering height,
He cries out, afraid to fall, holding on so tight.

As a child, we pull ourselves up to stand,
Then we walk, then run, oh life is so grand.
What once seemed natural, to bounce on the ground,
Now, brings a fear as we grow older and fall down.

As we grow, climbing to new heights, reaching for more,
We conquer our fears to lift our feet up from the floor.
Yet when gravity takes over and fate comes to call,
We must always remember how to gracefully fall.

Kay Rice

The Mirror

The Mirror
Kay Rice

She looked at me as if I were a stranger,
Unknowing my face, as if I were the danger.
I knew her when we both were like mice,
Perfectly, perfect and ever so nice.

Now she gasps, as if I mean her harm,
Slowly, she reaches out  for my arm.
Shaking, as if she is approached by a ghost,
Trying to find the girl she remembers the most.

Two girls, from a world now, so far away,
I chose to live, to run and she chose to stay.
Her aged hands reach out, crippled by strife,
Her eyes now dulled by her choice in life.

Obeying her vows came with such a high price,
Trying to be perfect and always so nice.
She looks into a face of what should have been,
Eyes mirror the dreams which could never begin.

A tear falls as we try to touch through the glass,
A life of chances, of dreams and hopes have passed.
I pull back, walk away, no longer can I bear,
the reflection of the girl who chose to stay there.


Never Bow Down

Never Bow Down
Kay Rice

When you told me that I couldn’t fly,
I refused to believe your cold dark lie.
So you broke my wings to prove your words,
Yet, my spirit broke free and moved forwards.

When you told me I should never trust my heart,
I continued to dance to its song, alone in the dark.
So you scripted my life to create deceit and doubt,
Yet the music still played, showing me the way out.

When you told me it was not safe to roam outside,
I refused to be content to fade away and to hide.
Then you placed chains around my neck and my feet,
And yet I was able to find the lost hidden key.

Now, I stand at the edge, my wings strong and free,
My heart beats loud, I now fly for me, only me.
There is no limit placed upon my world now,
I rose above, and will never bow down.

KAY RICE January 2013