Never Bow Down

Never Bow Down
Kay Rice

When you told me that I couldn’t fly,
I refused to believe your cold dark lie.
So you broke my wings to prove your words,
Yet, my spirit broke free and moved forwards.

When you told me I should never trust my heart,
I continued to dance to its song, alone in the dark.
So you scripted my life to create deceit and doubt,
Yet the music still played, showing me the way out.

When you told me it was not safe to roam outside,
I refused to be content to fade away and to hide.
Then you placed chains around my neck and my feet,
And yet I was able to find the lost hidden key.

Now, I stand at the edge, my wings strong and free,
My heart beats loud, I now fly for me, only me.
There is no limit placed upon my world now,
I rose above, and will never bow down.

KAY RICE January 2013

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