Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall
Kay Rice

Flying is an art born from the soul,
Where freedom is a key which makes us whole.
We jump from our nest, eager to answer the call,
Yet, we never quite learned how to fall.

A kitten ready to reach out to the world,
Climbs high in the tree with claws unfurled.
Yet, reaching the top at a staggering height,
He cries out, afraid to fall, holding on so tight.

As a child, we pull ourselves up to stand,
Then we walk, then run, oh life is so grand.
What once seemed natural, to bounce on the ground,
Now, brings a fear as we grow older and fall down.

As we grow, climbing to new heights, reaching for more,
We conquer our fears to lift our feet up from the floor.
Yet when gravity takes over and fate comes to call,
We must always remember how to gracefully fall.

Kay Rice

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