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Dreamers and Do’ers

Dreamers and Do’ers

Kay Rice

In today’s world, we have many dreamers.  After all, as humans, we day-dream and wish.  But very few of us move into the “Do’er’s” field.  Sadly enough, many continue to wonder aimlessly grazing on familiar pastures, content to remain sheep.  They follow only the familiar well worn paths of their lives until the day arrives when it is too late to become or do what they held so dear in those dreams, and then our dreams die, lonely and unfulfilled with our bodies.

This last Friday, I had the wonderful pleasure of witnessing three young men who were alive and well in the “Do’er’s” field of dreams, playing with full hearts in their game of life. What began as a class assignment for my son, turned into an enjoyable evening for my family and inspiration for my pen.

We arrived at the Columbus Alternative High School on McGuffey Lane in Columbus, Ohio at 7 pm on Friday evening February 8, 2013 expecting to see a production of ‘Grease’.  Upon receiving our tickets we discovered there were only three actors in the production. My son was suddenly wary about his assignment to critique another school’s drama production. Concern for his grade filled his eyes as we took our seats. As the lights dimmed, a single young man took the stage holding a large book, as a wise scholar would. Not a hint of nervousness nor doubt crossed his face as he welcomed the audience to their “Improv. production of William Shakespeare’s entire works, Abridged”.

It was immediately apparent that these three young men took the jump from dreamers to do’er’s. Their Monty-Python style antics, tongue-in-cheek humor and individuality shown with so much talent, “Grease” was quickly forgotten and not missed. My personal favorite was the off-the-cuff rap telling the story of Othello, in less than two minutes. These young dreamers created a true off-Broadway feel as they pulled in audience participation, and seamlessly made modern day references and quips to unexpected issues. One such time was when the lights faded out as one young actor referred quickly to a “Super Bowl Moment”. The gleam in their eyes brightened with every outburst of laughter and applause. One and half hours later, my ribs ached from laughter. The actors took the stage with pride to see their dream come alive. Yet, at the same moment a heartbreaking announcement was made.

“Due to funding cuts, this would be their last performance.” What sadness to fill the room after being filled with so much laughter and pride. Yet their smiles never dimmed, their dream was alive at that moment.

I hope the school finds a way to continue their drama program. I hope these three young men find a way to continue to cultivate their talent and stay in the ‘Do’er’s’ field. I hope to see more Dreamers grab their bat and their glove and step up to the plate on their field of dreams. What a wonderful world that would be. A world where no one is afraid to bring the dreams to life. For the four saddest words ever spoken out loud are “It might have been”.

May your wings lift you up and give you the life you always wanted to live. May your dreams carry you far and take on a life of their own.

2 thoughts on “Dreamers and Do’ers”

  1. Ma’am you made me smile, I am a student at CAHS and a huge fan of our theater department, I know all three of the actors you speak of and I’m sure if they read this they’d have smiles split across their faces for days. I giggled every time they practiced Shakespeare abridged in the hallway so I’m extremely happy you enjoyed our IB theater’s last production. Our IB theater class will be highly missed, although luckily we do have just enough funding to keep the school theater department working.
    So I welcome you to enjoy the last play of the school year, (the play you happily missed) Grease, it’s currently playing from today the 21st of March until Saturday the 23rd. Again, thank you for such a motivational post.


    1. Thank you so very much for your note. I had hoped that the crew would eventually see my post. Again, these three young men have quite the talent. May they, and you, go far in your dreams.

      Kay Rice


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