Through the Years

Through the Years
Kay Rice
June 27, 2013

He held my gaze age the age of fourteen,
I never was sure if my smile had been seen.
He captured my heart long before I knew,
How lost I’d become in his eyes of blue.
He walked into my life just like a dream,
The new kid in town, at the age of fourteen.

He brought me smiles throughout the school years,
Always knowing when to show up and dry my tears.
A friend who seemed to know when to be there,
Yet, I remained too shy to show him I cared.
He teased me and would mock me in play,
And then at eighteen, he drifted away.

He never knew his memory saved me at forty-two,
He came to my heart in a dream, out of the blue.
A time when I barely hung on to my life,
Those childhood memories lessened my strife.
Even as he remained far from my touch that day,
My heart refused to forget his gentle way.

He walked back into my world at forty-five,
Again, at a time I was barely alive.
A prayer for an angel to take me away,
And there he stood on that cold Autumn day.
His eyes, still sparkled, blue with gold,
And in my eyes, he had never grown old.

He took my hand at forty-six,
We made our vows, sealed with a kiss.
The boy who gave me my first butterflies,
And capture my daydreams with his eyes.
Answered my prayers, I’d sent high above,
When he finally made me his one true love.

Kay Rice