The One

The One
Kay Rice
October 31, 2013

When I get lost in the forest of my fears,
You wrap me up and kiss away my tears.
And when I feel the world is crashing down,
You gather the pieces, to create solid ground.

When the night is dark and there is no light to see,
You find all the fireflies, and create a lamp for me.
And when the waves get too high for me to swim,
You jump right in to give me the strength to win.

When I cry in silence, my heart breaking in two,
You cradle me softly and whisper ‘I love you’.
And when I am shaking with cold and despair,
You quickly take heed and begin the repair.

You are the one that keeps my head up high,
You are the one that pushes me each day to try.
And you are the one, who believes in me,
You are the one, who has taught me to see.

Kay Rice