She Doesn’t Do As She is Told


She Doesn’t Do As She Is Told
Kay Rice
January 10, 2014

I was taught to smile and to play nice,
Be seen, not heard, no matter the price.
Share and give until nothing is left,
Now, bite your tongue and hold your breath.

To be what you are not, but what you should be,
Keep your dreams inside, where no one can see.
Smile, don’t cry, be silent, don’t curse or yell,
Pretend like your life is not a nightmarish hell.

Funny, I followed those rules and those laws,
Yet nothing was seen, only more and more flaws.
In a moment of death, the eyes open to light,
Now, I rise each day, strong and ready to fight.

I bang my own drum now, as loud as can be,
I make sure I am heard and that I am seen.
No more holding back my thoughts and my dreams,
No more hiding the wrongs and silencing screams.

You can keep your pretty ribbons and bows,
I’ve got a world to see and places to go.
I’ve learned one thing, ‘Life isn’t worth a damn,
Until you can stand and shout, I am what I am.’


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