A Storm is Brewing

The timing was perfect to reblog this poem.

Words from the Ashes

A Storm is Brewing
Kay Rice

The wind is blowing familiar words that warn,
Feel the change, hold on tight for the storm.
     Heart is pounding,
          Ears are sounding,
               Blood is pumping,
                    The storm is coming.

I’ve been walking in this world asleep,
Frozen, buried, lost in a tomb so deep.
     Hands clenched tight,
          Eyes targeted on sight,
               Feel the need to run,
                    Storm clouds block the sun.

I am not just a memory to be forgot.
I am not a corpse left here to rot.
      Earth moves slow,
          Winds sharply blow,
               Feel the thunder within,
                    A storm now begins.

Say what you will to silence my voice.
The wind will carry it on with no remorse.
     Heart is beating,
          Time is fleeting,
               The thunder rolls,
                     Storms take their toll.

Sleep-walking, Sleep-talking, like the…

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