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Live, Travel, Adventure & Don’t be Sorry

No Glass Slippers Here!


“To Live is the ultimate adventure.”  A quote from the movie Peter Pan where a grown up Peter Panning realizes who he really is and that growing up and living is the true adventure.  

For me, I have always longed for and loved adventure.  It didn’t need to be far either, as a kid adventure meant climbing the barn loft and reading or riding horses on the farm.  Then I grew up and a whole new world was out there and my career has been a big part of that adventure.  Because of taking classes in technology or in the business itself, I have had wonderful adventures to NY City, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC.  And recently Verona, Wisconsin.

The challenge to adventures is staying true to you.  It can be a struggle to stay healthy while running between concourses in a crowded airport or taking part…

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