Dark Angel

Dark Angel
Kay Rice
November 9, 2014

Her screams cut through the cold black night,
As creatures around her froze in sorrow and fright.
Her wings once white now turn to black,
Innocence gone, forever, never to turn back.

Her tears turned sharp as they fell in pain,
Anger took hold, she would never again, be the same.
Ice became her heart where once there was warmth,
Loneliness and hunger to a monster gave birth.

Trust was broken along with her heart,
A new cold existence was about to start.
She made a mistake and trusted smooth words,
Now she stands alone with only a her swords.

Once a gentle, playful, angel like soul,
Now vengeance is all that can make her whole.
Her wings, oh her wings, once a beautiful sight,
Now bring a cloak of darkness and deep fright.

The gift that once gave her the will to fly,
Broke her heart and her wings with the words, “good-bye”.
Never to trust or listen to soft words again,
To break a trusting heart is the worst of sins.

Please do not use without the Authors permission.

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