I never knew what I could do,
Look, I’m standing tall, who knew?
I am more than what they saw,
All it took, was for me to fall.

I am more than just a weak girl,
In my little hands, I hold the world.
Break me? I grow stronger in the fight,
No longer do I cry frightened of the night.

Did you pray that I would just fade away,
Just because I was pushed and played?
Uh oh, better watch your back.
Be careful, Karma waits to attack.

Walk in my boots, if you dare,
I’m not a princess weak & fair.
I won’t walk, head bowed in shame,
I refuse to be labeled with others blame.

I am so much more than what you know,
My world is on fire as I stand & grow.
To those who blessed me with goodbyes,
Watch in awe as I fight, as I rise.

Kay L. Rice
Please do not use without permission from the author. 01/02/15

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