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I never knew what I could do,
Look, I’m standing tall, who knew?
I am more than what they saw,
All it took, was for me to fall.

I am more than just a weak girl,
In my little hands, I hold the world.
Break me? I grow stronger in the fight,
No longer do I cry frightened of the night.

Did you pray that I would just fade away,
Just because I was pushed and played?
Uh oh, better watch your back.
Be careful, Karma waits to attack.

Walk in my boots, if you dare,
I’m not a princess weak & fair.
I won’t walk, head bowed in shame,
I refuse to be labeled with others blame.

I am so much more than what you know,
My world is on fire as I stand & grow.
To those who blessed me with goodbyes,
Watch in awe as I fight, as I rise.

Kay L. Rice
Please do not use without permission from the author. 01/02/15



I have always said that my poetry and short stories write themselves, I'm just the hand that holds the pen. Several of my poems have been published in local publications and in the 2011 World Poetry Movement book 'Stars in our Hearts'. Please enjoy the words, but do not steal them. I enjoy living and what life brings my way. My day job, I'm a geekgirl, a programmer. Coding is like using clues to solve a mystery to me. But, my happiness outside of the day job involves, cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, writing, hiking, primitive skills. Yup, I come home and unplug. So there are many sides of me here. Enjoy.

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