You used me,
        Abused me,
                 Burned me,
                        Scorned me.

You betrayed me,
        Blamed me,
             Labeled me,
                    Sold me.

You lied to me,
           Preyed on me,
                    Took from me,
                                Stole from me.

And yet,
     You did forget,
           My wings were set,
                I won the final bet.

Do not use without written permission of author Kay L.Rice



You tried to break me from the grave,
Crushing, forcing me to behave.
Your ashes burn my flesh & eyes,
Tears won’t wash away all your lies.

Your darkness seeps through broken souls
Yet I will continue to fight, to become whole.
You are a plague of putrid hate & lies,
Its time your legacy of fear finally dies.

You tried to break me in life and in death,
You strangled my dreams with my breath.
All you did was make me stronger,
Even more determined to live longer.

The darkness needs to be washed away,
Let the ashes blow far from this day.
I will remain strong, very much alive,
You will not rob me of my faith inside.


Please do not use without permission of author, Kay L. Rice

The Power of Music & Dance


The Power of Music & Dance

I have always been drawn to music.  Even when I was little I would pull myself up holding on to the kitchen chair and dance while my Mom listened to her Beatles and Elvis albums.  The beat made me happy.  I’m not a music “snob” by any means.  I love Classical, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin and yes even Country music.  My choice of music adjust or fits my mood for that moment.  Anymore, I use it to push me into a positive and active mood.

So what does music and fitness have in common?  Really?  Do you need to ask?  What good Sports event doesn’t have a belting out theme song?  What would happen if there was no Zumba, Jazzercise or Aerobic Hip-Hop classes?  Music sets the mood.  It gives energy and focus.  I love music and better yet, I love to dance.

When I was growing up I was enrolled at a young age in ballet, jazz and modern dance.  It was a wonderful energy outlet because I was as clumsy as a bull in a china shop when it came to sports.  I couldn’t hit or throw a ball. I’m 5 foot 1 inch tall so Basketball was totally out of the question, and in my day and age, girls didn’t really have much of a choice sports wise.  I did ride my horses, which I loved, that is a sport believe it or not.  But always my energy and mood rose when it was and is tied to music. As a teenager, I became interested in Dance Corp. and in theater dance.  As an adult I learned Belly Dance and Tribal Belly Dance, which takes a lot of core muscles and is fun to perfect.  Now, I’m addicted to Zumba and Hip-Hop aerobics.  I add new songs to my iPod of new favorite songs that I pick up in class so I  can continue to dance at home, at work, and jam with them in the car.  Most of the new songs make me feel stronger as well as happier and ready to take on the world.

Now with everything that can be used for good music can also be used for bad.  So I’m not telling you to plug into some emo/cry over your cereal music, nor am I suggesting some angry hate music.  Keep it fun and fast.  Let the music talk to you and move your feet.  The more you move the better you feel, the better you feel, the healthier you get, the healthier you get, the more you dance, the more you dance the better you feel!

So, get out there and Dance like no one is watching, and before long, you will have everyone dancing with you

Get Fit, Get Active, Get Dancing!!!


Kay Rice