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Night Mare

The wind is blowing once again,
Thunderous clouds are rolling in.
Night is falling in the midst of day,
Heat of summer gives to the cold of May.

The thunder speaks out to my soul,
The sky turns black, deeper then coal.
It mimics the nightmare that runs free,
The one that continues, to stalk me.

Out of the clouds, a bright flash,
like sparks from hooves, a loud crash.
The red of eyes peer from the storm,
The nightmare is coming, fear is born.

Memories, dreams, life and death,
Take hold of my heart, steal my breath.
She rides down from the dark sky,
The thunderous hooves, drown out my cry.

It’s only a storm, where day becomes night,
It’s only a dream that brings death from fright.
The nightmare returns with a rider on its back.
The storm leaves a path from it’s quick attack.




I have always said that my poetry and short stories write themselves, I'm just the hand that holds the pen. Several of my poems have been published in local publications and in the 2011 World Poetry Movement book 'Stars in our Hearts'. Please enjoy the words, but do not steal them. I enjoy living and what life brings my way. My day job, I'm a geekgirl, a programmer. Coding is like using clues to solve a mystery to me. But, my happiness outside of the day job involves, cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, writing, hiking, primitive skills. Yup, I come home and unplug. So there are many sides of me here. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Night Mare

      1. I will ! πŸ˜‰ if you like come have a look at my new dark novel in episodes. Would be nice have a feedback from a good writer like yourself πŸ™‚

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