The Race


The Race
Kay L. Rice
Please do not use without permission

When will I be able to catch my breath?
Running harder for a destination that leads to death.
My eyes are clouded, blurred by sweat and tears.
Yet slowing down only feeds more deadly fears.

I give eternally till all is gone and spent.
I grow weaker, slower, as I am forced to bend.
Sleep is a stranger, rest is something faded away.
This was not my intent, not the price I planned to pay.

Nothing is good enough for the needs of this world.
I do not want to live at this pace any more.
I’m tired of running to only reach for shadows.
I don’t want to give until I’m a shell only hallow.

Let me rest, let me put myself back together.
Let me feel the sun on my face, let me enjoy the weather.
Take this burden of weight and journey from my shoulder.
Let me lean on you, just for a while, so I can be bolder.

I have pulled this weight alone for far too long.
Not sure the reason, except in my mind its to belong.
My heart is slowing, my dreams are fading, its all up to me.
I joined this race for one dream, to live free.


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