Kay L. Rice

December 22, 2017


Walking silently, wind whispers from the past.
Lovely, flowing softly, feathers without haste.
Do you see her among the falling leaves?
Do you see the lies she learned to believe?

Walking silently, be quick, look so a glimpse you can see,
Precious, generous, turning away from all she could be.
Willingly, letting go of dreams and desires, no regret.
For promises that were never meant to be set.

Walking silently, her form emerges in the rain.
When needed she comes to calm and quiet the pain.
When the sun returns and there are no more clouds,
She fades into nothing, even her tears make no sounds.

Walking silently, kneeling down to lift up those that fall,
Appearing in a moment with a single cry and a call.
Quickly forgotten, let go, as if she was never there.
Fading away, no one left to return the care.

Walking silent, wind whispers from the past.
A heart that was born to give a love to last.
Fades into the night like a ghost at the grave.
Too lost and alone to ever be saved.

Please do not use without written permission of author
Kay L. Rice

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