Awards & Mentions

I truly appreciate all of you who follow, read and comment on the poetry and pages found here at Words from the Ashes.  My poetry is very special to me and to be able to share it with you fills me with pride.

I hope that you keep coming back, comment and like and follow as we grow.

May you always find your wings and may they lift you higher and higher.


Kay Rice.

November 11, 2012

Three poems published in the final edition of the Palmer-Grove eMagazine.
(Silent Pen, Take Flight, and A Storm is Brewing)


September 02, 2012

Two poems published in the September 2012 Edition of Palmer Grove Magazine:

Two of my poems are published: “You Are Not Alone” and “Angel”

July 02, 2012:

Author spotlight and several Poems Published in the July 2012 Edition of Palmer Grove eMagazine:
Palmer Grove eMagazine July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award received on 5/20/2012

June 2012 My Poem ‘Courage’ was selected and featured on page 316 of the World Poetry Movement’s Best Poems and Poets of 2011.

My Poem ‘No’ was featured in the International Poetry Movement’s Celestial Stars in Our Hearts Collection-2011.

In Spring of 2012, ‘Words from the Ashes Vol I: A collection of my poetry” was published and made available at

2 thoughts on “Awards & Mentions”

    1. Thank you Logan, oh and by the way, you are mentioned in my latest post. Wink. Keep the ink flowing and remember your stories can become your wings! I’m looking forward to posting some of your artwork here in the future!

      Kay Rice


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